Thursday, March 19, 2009

0001. Welcome to the Land of Letters

Hello readers,

Here i am (James Howlett) on the road again... starting this blog to write about kottayam, the one and only place i know in this world for a long time. Here I can openly write whatever i see in kottayam, without any fears about having missing legs or hands or even life.

I am not here to harass people. I am not here to write gossips. This is the place where i share my views with the world. After visiting many places inside and outside kerala(not like you think), i found this place as the most attractive and peaceful place for living. (Home sickness ?)

People of Kottayam.. they are different.. We are everywhere.. wherever you go, you fill find a fraud from kottayam.. :D

According to a new (or an obsolete) research, people from kottayam are more interested in online activities. I don't know who did this research. but sounds cool..

I will be posting my views on day to day events at kottayam. What i see and how i see.. Expect more from tomorrow..

Thank you

1 comment:

  1. hi,

    Nice idea...a blog abt our land...coool...

    wish u all success...will come back here often